My personal logo

From: , By Bevans on Sunday, July 27, 2008

logoI've been working on a logo for myself in one of my classes, and I just wanted to post it here for people to see and comment on. What do you think? It's definitely not finished, and I certainly need to simplify it. The blue strips going through it aren't intended to be something that is always there.

New site design

From: , By Bevans on Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've been working on redesigning the look of this site for about a week now. So, what do you think? It's not meant to be flashy, but it is meant to be easy to read, easy to navigate, and easy for me to maintain (ok, you can't really judge that last part). I also gave it a 3-column layout, so I could add more stuff on the sidebars.


There's still some work that needs doing, and if you happen to notice something that seems broken/wrong, please let me know.


I'm also going to be using a modified (ie: recolored) version of this template for an upcoming project of mine. I'll announce more on that when I feel like it.