Chatbot A, meet Chatbot B

From: By Bevans on Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ever try out one of those online chatbot things? They're complex computers programmed to hold a real conversation with you. They're pretty clever actually, although they frequently change subjects like an overcaffeinated, ADD-riddled teenager. So they're very lifelike if you're in highschool.

Anyway, somebody had the brilliant idea to get two of them to chat with each other. Their names are Jabberwocky and Alice. The results are actually very interesting, especially since Jabb seems to be a bit of a jackass. And is it just me, or does Alice hit on Jabb once or twice?

Smoking Ban passes in Minnesota

From: , , By Bevans on Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'll write more about this issue later, but I just wanted to comment before I sleep.

1. Fuck yes. Finally.
2. I'll explain why the whole "bars will lose business" argument is bullshit.
3. Why do we have to wait until October 1? Sigh.

Finally, some high-rez Transformer images.

From: , By Bevans on Thursday, May 10, 2007

Up until now, there has been an unfortunate lack of good images of the robots from the upcoming Transformers movie. It seems like they've all been brief, blurry elbow-shots, if you know what I mean.
But from Michael Bay himself (via his blog) come 8 high-rez images of 8 separate characters. All I can say is wow. On a lot of sites I've visited, people tend to bitch about how they don't look like they did in the cartoon, but I really don't care. Just look at the detail in these images. Look at how intricate the models are. Man.
I swear, this blog will be about more than just movie stuff eventually. Really.

Spiderman 3 Review - 6.5/10

From: , By Bevans on Sunday, May 06, 2007

Apparently, Sony is planning Spiderman 4-6 right now. If they can keep them as interesting as this one was, then I might as well give them my money now. Actually, they'll have to be satisfied with an IOU, because I'm broke. That's if they were actually accepting money for the next 3 movies right now. Oh, but I'm rambling.

So yea, I liked it a lot, despite its flaws. I'd say it was better than #1 but not as good as #2. But maybe I'm biased, since Doc Ock is my favorite Spiderman villain and they got him PERFECT in the movie.

It's really hard to go over what you like about a movie, and really easy to go over what you didn't. So I guess you can assume that I liked everything that I didn't like.

So what didn't I like? For starters, there was just too damn much Mary Jane. Kirsten Dunst isn't exactly my favorite actress, and she was exactly the same as she was in the previous two movies: boring boring boring. We have characters in this movie who can shoot webs from their hands, turn into sand, and fly. Why did they have to stick so much "struggling actress" into it? I didn't pay $9.25 for a Hallmark Channel special. Fortunately, the parts that aren't about MJ are a blast to watch. Supposedly, Dunst doesn't want to do any more Spiderman movies, and for that I'm glad.

What else didn't I like? Sandman. The actor was great, the sand effects were great, but they basically turned him into a lumbering Frankenstein monster that kills without thought. His "I just want to help my daughter" story isn't exactly believable when he's smashing people by the dozens.

The fact that the movie had three villains to try to juggle when they weren't advancing the insipid love story meant that they had a lot of story to tell, but not enough time to tell it. You can tell by some noticeable gaps in the story, as well as a couple too-convenient duct tape-style segments that tie things together, that a lot of content got left on the cutting room floor.

I wish they had just focused on Harry, Sandman, and the black suit, and just left Venom as a cameo at the end so they could focus on him in the next one. Why did they feel like they had to jam three unrelated villains into one movie? Hell, even TWO is too much sometimes (I'm thinking of the Batman movies, pre-Bale).

Aside from those problems, it was still a blast to watch. The fights are great (though they use too much CG in them) and Spidey is still a great character. There were even some surprises to ME, and I thought I knew what was going to happen since I know the source material. It had the action, the characters, the humor (oh Bruce Campbell, you're just too awesome for words), and the suspense that the previous movies had.

Basically, I'm saying that if you liked the other Spidey movies, you'll like this one. I give it an 6.5/10.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - Trailer #2

From: By Bevans on Thursday, May 03, 2007

The first Fantastic Four movie certainly wasn't perfect, but it was overall a pretty cool flick. Actually, it was far more interesting seeing the main characters playing with their powers, trying to go about their normal lives, and bickering with each other than it was when they finally got down to fighting Dr. Doom.

And speaking of villains, this one features a doozy: The Silver Surfer. Well, that's not technically accurate, but I won't go further into that, lest I spoil it for the uninitiated.

Honestly, I was a little surprised that SS was going to be part of the FF movie rather than starring in his own movie first, but I guess it's kinda hard to tell the SS's story without featuring the FF. Rest assured, there will doubtlessly be spinoffs.

And what can I say about the Surfer? They did a really good job of making him look cool. A big shiny man flying through space could look really stupid, but fortunately they pulled it off. I guess they're using a special material to achieve that shiny look without CG for many parts of the movie. Remember how cheesy you thought the CG for Colossus looked in X-Men 3? Well, not all of that was CG either, and that's apparently the same stuff they're using here.

But what's going to be the true test for me will be how they handle Galactus. But if they can make the Silver Surfer, the Human Torch, and The Thing look cool, then they can probably get Galactus right too.

First post!

From: By Bevans on Thursday, May 03, 2007

Welcome to Bevans Rants at No One, or BRNO. I'll probably change that name eventually.

What's the purpose of this god-forsaken blog? To give me a place to make my opinions known, just like every other idiot blogger out there.

"But gee Bevans," you might say, "don't you already have like 6 web sites, three of which are already specifically devoted to yourself?" Well, this is different. Sort of. I'm probably going to incorporate this blog into The Insane Asylum (my former blog-esque site) eventually, but the reason why I'm not just going back to that is because Blogger has such a slick interface. I don't even have to organize things myself, size or resize images, fix links, and so on, because Blogger will do that for me.

So, what will be the first thing I post about?

By the way, any friends of mine who want to post here too can feel free. Just send me an e-mail and I'll let you.

UPDATE: This is just a template. I'll think about making my own look eventually.