The new Terminator TV show is actually pretty good.

From: , , By Bevans on Sunday, January 27, 2008

I wasn't initially thrilled with the idea of a TV series based on the Terminator movies. I've never seen the first one, the second only on TV, and I rented the third. But it seems to have a pretty interesting (if not exactly original) overarching storyline. Machines taking over, with humanity fighting for survival? It's been done too many times to count.

But the key to success with any popular meme is of course the execution. I can watch The Magnificent Seven and enjoy it just as much as The Seven Samurai because, even though the storyline is the same, they're two very different movies.

So what was I talking about? Oh yea.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles (terrible name, by the way) is actually a pretty entertaining and interesting show. It's not perfect, but very few shows are. (Dexter is.) It would be good even if it weren't the only show on TV with new episodes.


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