First post!

From: By Bevans on Thursday, May 03, 2007

Welcome to Bevans Rants at No One, or BRNO. I'll probably change that name eventually.

What's the purpose of this god-forsaken blog? To give me a place to make my opinions known, just like every other idiot blogger out there.

"But gee Bevans," you might say, "don't you already have like 6 web sites, three of which are already specifically devoted to yourself?" Well, this is different. Sort of. I'm probably going to incorporate this blog into The Insane Asylum (my former blog-esque site) eventually, but the reason why I'm not just going back to that is because Blogger has such a slick interface. I don't even have to organize things myself, size or resize images, fix links, and so on, because Blogger will do that for me.

So, what will be the first thing I post about?

By the way, any friends of mine who want to post here too can feel free. Just send me an e-mail and I'll let you.

UPDATE: This is just a template. I'll think about making my own look eventually.


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