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From: By Bevans on Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A while ago, I heard about a site that offers $1 million to anyone who can demonstrate psychic or paranormal abilities or events. Up until now I haven't bothered to look it up, but today I did.

The James Randi Educational Foundation's One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

What I found really interesting was their Log of Applicants. There are hundreds of people listed there who have applied, with nearly as many weird so-called "abilities". Some of these people claim to be able to transfer thoughts to other minds, to be able to control magnetism, to have telekinesis, to be able to exorcise demons, control street lights, and all sorts of other psychic nutjobbery. And not a single one has passed the foundation's preliminary tests. These aren't hard tests either. They're basic, scientific rules that don't allow for any sort of bias or outside interference.

I'm also posting this so that other people can use it to help to debunk the phonies, and to help the truly gifted. If you know or meet someone who claims to have psychic or paranormal abilities (or if you've ever hired one to come to your house, hint hint) then you can just point them to this site. Even if they don't want the money, they can always donate it to the charity of their choice. There's no reason NOT to do it!
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